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Exhibition of photographs of nature


Nature lovers will find in Almeria a true paradise, given the great variety of open spaces that they can find here. We have one National park (Sierra Nevada) natural parks and natural spots all over the province. Also other non classified places very much worth a visit. The great variety of landscapes found here will allow the visitor to find, forests, mountains, snow, rivers, lakes; and, on the other hand, matchless beaches, desert, dunes, and an uncouth landscape beaten by winds and draught.

Almeria is one of the places with greatest biodiversity in Europe. It is like a huge laboratory of nature, for the enjoyment of scholars and enthusiasts. The flora of Almería has an extraordinary variety.




  • Plenty of nature can be found all over the province. Nature lovers don't need to be told, but it is necessary to respect the environment. Do not drop rubbish, do not light fires, respect the flora and fauna, in short, everything must remain as we found it, if not better.
  • Spring is the best season to contemplate nature, but it depends on what you are looking for, one season will be better than the other.
  • There are plenty of routes, paths, etc. even organized trips. The best is to gather information about duration, difficulty, etc. and choose according to your abilities.





Photographs of nature

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