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Flora of Sierra Alhamilla


We have a new gallery: Flora of Sierra Alhamilla.


Goodbye to Flowers of Almeria


Flores de Almería

It was in 2004 that we started the site “Flowers of Almeria”. We had then a few photographs of wild flowers that we had found in the countryside and we wanted to show them off on the Internet. Our trips increased and our collection started to grow to a good number. As we were taking photographs of other things, such as insects, fungi, landscapes, and almost anything we saw, we made new galleries. The site kept growing and we decided to make some more serious publications starting with” Orquídeas de Almería", followed by "Joyas botánicas de Almería" and "Plantas parásitas de Almería". We also created a forum that soon became popular among nature lovers in Almería.

The contents were no longer related to that name referring to flowers, that’s why we have decided to find a new name more appropriate to the contents offered. AlmeriNatura was already the name of our forum and much more in line, for it refers to Almeria’s nature. It will therefore be the new name of our site which will integrate the forum too.

The site has been totally refurbished, with dynamic contents and a more adequate and intuitive presentation. The contents have also been revised and expanded. In addition to the usual galleries we have also added a new interactive gallery, where photographs can be rated and commented upon and that will be progressively expanding.

It only remains to thank our followers and all those who wrote to us praising our work, for they encourage us to improve and to keep adding new contents. We do hope all these changes are to the liking of everyone.


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