Issoria lathonia

In Almería can be found a great variety of fauna, from large mammals like goats, wild boars, wolves, etc; birds, reptiles, amphibians or insects, some of these of outstanding beauty. Especially beautiful are butterflies, which can be spectacular when seen in flight. Here, I wanted to show these creatures in their natural environment, without causing them any harm. This usually entails great difficulty, given the elusive nature of them.




  • You must be very careful with some animals, like wild boars or foxes, which could attack people if they feel threatened. Birds are generally very elusive, but there are cases when they have attacked people, like seagulls. Some reptiles are venomous or can bite, so care must be taken too. As to insects, some of them can sting or bite, pervade you with an unpleasant smell etc. As a general rule you should not touch them unless you are absolutely sure that they cannot cause you any harm.
  • Spring and summer are the seasons when you can see more animals, although they can be found throughout the year.
  • Animals make part of nature and they must be respected. All of them are part of a chain in ecological balance, each of them has its role in nature, even those considered vermin. You should not scare or kill them unless absolutely necessary, to stop them from causing you harm or to control pests. As a general rule, it is better to observe them, for there is a lot to learn from them.





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Atlas básico de lepidópteros

Edición digital del cuaderno de Salvador Ibáñez y otros autores, publicado originalmente en 1980. Una muestra de los lepidópteros de la provincia de Almería.