LaujarThe province of Almería is very diverse, contrary to what some may think, it is not all a dry hot desert, but here we can find fresh places of high rainfall, with forests, rivers and lakes; places covered by snow most of the year. On the other hand you can see dream-like beaches that allow swimming throughout the year. We also have the only desert in Europe: the desert of Tabernas. All within a little distance from each other, so in few kilometres you can go from the heat of the desert to a cold place where you have to wear a coat.
All that results in a very rich variety of landscapes that makes our province one of the places of greatest biodiversity in Europe.
Inland tourism is increasingly gaining ground to the traditional coastal resorts like Mojacar, Roquetas de mar, Almerimar, etc. For our visitors are increasingly demanding a different kind of holiday not just sun and beach.



  • For those who come here looking for sun and beach, the coast is the right place to visit. The best time to come are the months of May, June, September and October; in that way they will avoid the overcrowded hot months of the high season when prices are on the high.

  • A lot of visitors, mainly from central and north Europe, come here in winter. In the coast, the coldest temperatures rarely go under 10º C in winter, and maximum temperatures are around 20º C.

  • For inland tourism, it will depend on the place that they choose, the best time to come, for it could be very different from one place to another.



A tour though the province of Almeria