Amanita muscaria

If you tell someone that you are going to search for mushrooms in Almería, he will probably look at you in surprise, for it is generally thought that in Almería, few or no mushrooms can be found. That is far from being true. There are lots of them and of a great variety of species. The outstanding biodiversity of our province also translates into fungi. Here, there is little interest in mycology, at least not as much as in other regions of the country where it is a widespread hobby. This makes Almería an "Untouched territory", to the enjoyment of enthusiasts.




  • When it comes to collecting mushrooms for consumption extreme precautions must be taken, for their identification is very difficult and tricky. Unless you are absolutely sure that it is an edible species, it is better not to try your luck, for your life is at stake. The best thing is simply to photograph them or collect some samples for study. This way, nature will remain intact and you will go beyond just an ephemeral culinary enjoyment.
  • Autumn and, to a lesser extent, Spring will be the seasons when you can find a greater amount of fungi. Close attention must be paid because many of them blend with the enviroment.
  • Some people are in the habit of destroying all inedible or poisonous fungi that they find. That is an atrocity, because all of them have a function in the ecological balance. Therefore, we must respect nature for our later enjoyment and for future generations.



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